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MSEA: Patch V1.01 Hooray!

It’s finally here. After a month since the V1.00 patch (otherwise known as the filler patch), V1.01 is here with huge and exciting events!

Let’s kick it off with the essentials.

Hob King Party Quest!


The Resurrection of the Rex, the Hoblin King!

Rex, an ancient Hoblin King once that terror the Maple World, was sealed away in an icy tomb with the combined force of heroic maplers of the past in El Nath.
Rumor has it that the seal holding him is weakening, and it;s up to YOU, the brave one to stop him from being freed to terrorize our dear Maple World again!

Participate in this fun and rewarding party quest with an interesting storyline!

Look for Shammo in El Nath now!

Party Quest Requirements
• Level 75 or above to participate for this party quest.
• Must be in a party of 3 to 6.
• Party leader must completed Shammos’ prerequisite quests before they are allowed to start party quest.

List of Prerequisite Quests
Shammos’s Awakening (Level 60 and above)
Remnants of Memory (Level 60 and above)
Shammos’s Regained Memory (Level 65 and above)
Hoblin King (Level 65 and above)
Recollection (Level 65 and above)
Ominous Sign (Level 70 and above)
Confirming the Seal (Level 70 and above)
Sign of the Resurrection (Level 75 and above)
Robeira’s Proposal (Level 75 and above)

Bonus and Optional Quests
Evidence of the Seal (Level 75 and above)
Preparing for the Extreme (Level 75 and above)
Supplying Leather Clothes (Level 75 and above)
Hoblin Weapon (Level 75 and above)
Secret to Improving Concentration (Level 75 and above)
Arec’s Lost Dagger (Level 75 and above)

What are the possible rewards if I stop the resurrection of the Hoblin King?


You might be able to get a permanent Hyena Mount or one of Rex’s treasured earrings!

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MSEA V0.97 Extraction Info

Potential and Enhancement System is CONFIRMED

And also

As i have predicted, Potential scrolls will most probably come out with the Dual Blade V0.97 patch as well as Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail Bosses. New scrolls, pink scrolls (50%), maps, mobs will also be released as well as cash items.

As extracted by Fiel of Southperry, Miracle Cubes will cost 1.9k @cash each.


His Preliminary Observations:
– Level 77 Maple Weapons
– Skill strings for Final Attack changed
– Almost all of the sale prices of items reduced heavily
– Potential System data added
– Chaos HT & Chaos Zakum
– Resistance data added
– Buccs – Energy Drain delay reduced while in superman state


Miracle Cube
A miraculous cube that resets the potential of a piece of equipment.\n#cIt can only be used on rare items#.
Cash item


Equip Enhancement Scroll
Enhances #can equipment item that has been upgraded#.\nThe higher number of successes, the better chance of applying advanced options.\nIf failed, the item is destroyed.\n\n#c[Enhancement Success Rate]#\n1 success: 80%\n2 successes: 70%\n3 successes: 60%\n4 successes: 50%\n5 successes: 40%\n6 successes: 30%\n7 successes: 20%\n8 or more successes: 10%


Advanced Potential Scroll
Provides potentials for regular equip items without deducting the available upgrade count.\n#cIt can only be used on regular items.#\nSuccess Rate: 90%. If failed, the item will be destroyed.


Potential Scroll
Provides potentials for regular equip items without deducting the available upgrade count.\n#cIt can only be used on regular items.#\nSuccess Rate: 70%. If failed, the item will be destroyed.


Chaos Zakum
Chaos Zakum
Level: 140
HP: 528,000,000
Physical Attack: 1176
Magic Attack: 795
Avoid: 24
Accuracy: 500


Horntail's Head B
Chaos Horntail’s Head B
Level: 160
HP: 1,950,000,000
EXP: 62,021,100
Physical Attack: 1750
Magic Attack: 1008
Avoid: 90
Accuracy: 500


Want to know more about the extraction details?
Click HERE to see the full list of Fiel’s Extraction Data


On a sidenote,  I’ve already seen in the FM that GFA 60%s are being swooped up and cleaned out from the stores as well as Ear Ornament for Agility 60%. Most Pink Adventurer capes are being sold for cheap as well as WA Work Gloves and Yellow Markers.

Let the price wars begin.

Happy Mapling ya’ll. Hope you had a good weekend.

Dual Blade, Potential & Enhancement Scroll System

The Calm Before the Storm



Everything’s quiet in MapleSEA. Everyone’s (well, almost everyone) waiting for the release of Dual Blades.



Quietly preparing for their release. Buying items, equipments, scrolls, @cash.
I have a feeling that Potential Scrolls will come out along with this coming Dual Blade patch.

My reasoning would be because GMS already released Dual Blade and the Potential Scroll system and are about to release the first of three Big Bang patches by Christmas this year. So if we do not come up with the Potential Scroll system, we would be lagging behind. But thats just my opinion.

What are Potential Scrolls?

You have all heard about it by now. There are various guides that tell you what it is and how it works.
So i’ll just give you a brief summary about it.

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