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MSEA: Maple Rainbow Challenge!


Rainbow Event

From today (11th Oct) till the 17th of Oct, thats 7 days, you can choose to complete this event!It rewards you with TWO new titles!


First title: 

Challenge! Maple Rainbow!

Rainbow title 1 month


Complete 35 Rainbow Challenges. You can do a maximum of 7 times on weekdays and 14 times on weekends.

It expires. It expires on the 1st of November 2017.

Smiling me

I just got mine today. 🙂 (15th October 2017)

Its pretty sweet though:

  • All Stat +50
  • ATT / MATT + 20
  • Boss Damage + 30%
  • Ignore DEF + 30%
  • Max HP/MP +2,000

2nd Title:

Maple Navigation



This is obtainable by completing 10 “Challenge! Help Ribbon Pig Find Its Home!”.

Now, the quest will give you a small picture of where the pig’s home may be located.

From the clue, you have to figure out where in Maplestory is its home.

Clue 4.2

Here are some of the locations with clues:
(will be updating more daily)

(Click thumbnails to enlarge)

Stay tuned!

Oh, there’s already a few screenshots here from the world wide web (or here). Some of the locations, I’ve not been lucked to find them. Hence, I found it for you. No worries. 😉


There is a list of Challenges for you to choose from.


Other than the Ribbon Pig Home quest, the rest of the Challenges are pretty straightforward.


Rewards are pretty sweet too:

  • 50 Mileage
  • Rainbow Power Buff (30 ATT/MATT, 15% Critical Rate for 15 minutes)
  • Loot Fountain (Increases item drop rate by 30% for 20 minutes)
  • Fatigue Recovery Potion (Recovers profession skill fatigue by 70)
  • Enhanced Rainbow Buff (20% Boss Damage, 20% Ignore Monster Def for 15 minutes)
  • Meso Drop x2 Coupon (15 minutes)
  • 2x EXP Coupon (15 minutes)


Personally, I’m going Mileage all the way. Gonna get my storage expansions. 😀 You can never have enough!



Absolute Taste Event: The ENTIRE Guide

Absolute Taste Event

In MSEA from 27 Sept – 17 oct (20 days), you can earn yourself a really nice medal, if you complete this event!

Legendary Chef Medal

All Stats +13, WA/MA +8 and Boss Dmg 3%?! Who doesn’t want that?

Here’s a guide on the recipes for you to get it done ASAP.

Absolute Taste

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Maplestory: What To Do?

First off, I’d like to say…

I’m Back!!!

Dragon Knight

Its been a year and a half and here I am again. Let’s get down to business.

So day in and day out, you log in to maple only finding yourself to log off soon after. Maybe you’ll stay for an hour to check out the FM to look at things you can’t afford or maybe you’ll train your character just a little until you get bored. Maybe you log in just for dailies and off you go.

Here I give you the SUPERFANTASTICAWESOME list of things to do. 🙂

Number One:


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MSEA: Lots of Events on the Way

The Big Bang is just one word: Awesome.

I’ve trained my DK from level 1~101 in 7 days and my BaM from level 1~40 in 1 day. On normal circumstances i wouldnt train a DK because its slow and the attacks make it difficult to train but with the Big Bang, it made me possible to train one up.

There are now FOUR Events which you will have to accomplish in the next two months:

  • Evolving Ring Event (Ends 15 June 2011) – Log in everyday, talk to Cody and upgrade your ring for 17 days. And be sure to log on the last day, 15 June 2011 to make your level 17 ring TRADABLE.
  • Resistance Ring Event (Ends 31 July 2011) – Level up your Resistance Character to level 70)
  • Sign Attendance Book with Maple Admin and Grendel (1 June 2011 – 10 June 2011 and 17 June 2011 – 26 June 2011)YOU CANNOT MISS A SINGLE DAY OF THIS because you must check in with Grendel 10 days in a row.

    Recieve Chairs from this event.
    Gift from round 1.
    Gift from round 2.



  • Fish Catching Event (Ends 30 June 2011) – Collect Fishing Nets from Monsters and talk to Gaga. Enter any of the rooms and click on the Nets to catch the Jumping Fish. Once caught, talk to Gaga to redeem points by giving him the fishes. Different Fish will give you different amounts of points.image
  • On an extra note, Supreme Flag has a 2 months expiry date
  • Beach Sandals is permanent and untradable (Requires Scissors of Karma to be tradable)
  •  Beach Chair is permanent and tradable
Those are the events which you will have to Log In regularly for the next two months.
Hope you’re enjoying the Big Bang patch as much as I am. 🙂

MapleSEA: April Events

Since it was announced that Big Bang would arrive in May, the only thing AS can do for MapleSEA is to host more events. This time, they gave an event which we are pretty satisfied about.

In Henesys there are these two NPCs whom if you talk to, they’ll ask for a list of items which are dropped from ANY monster (excluding World Tour & SG/MY). This event is from the 23rd of March 2011 till the 20th of April 2011.

image image image image

Talk to NPC Kopee Relicseeker and there will be 3 quests available.

• The Legendary Tribal Ring: Circle of Ancient Thought (repeatable after 5 minutes)
• The Legendary Tribal Ring: Circle of Ancient Strength (repeatable after 5 minutes)
• Soft and Cozy Chief’s Chair (repeatable)


Be warned:

To release the seal of the Miwok Artifact, you need to purchase an Enchanted Scroll image from Cash Shop and pass to NPC Toh Relicseeker to unseal it. You need to do this 20 times. Each Enchanted Scroll is 1,500 @cash. So that means you’d have to spend 30,000@cash on a chair. Pretty costly, dont you think?

Also, the minimum level for this event is level 12 and those have completed 1st job advancement.

In my opinion the rings are good. Especially for those who are “(InsertStat)”-less. Or Low-“(InsertStat)”. i.e. LUK-less or Low-LUK. You can equip 4 rings at a time by dragging the ring from your Inventory and dropping them onto the slot in your Equipment window. If you Double-Click, the ring will not stack.

Another awesome event is the..

Everyday April Event!
(1st April – 30th April 2011)

(Here’s a table for easy reference)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Cassandra’s Magic

Exchange 10% into 15% scrolls or 60% into 65% scrolls only from NPC Cassandra!

• Each character can only make the exchange maximum 5 times a day.
• Minimum character level of 10.

Cassandra’s Giveaway 1

Receive 1 X Teleport Rock image from NPC Cassandra!

Each character can only make the exchange once a day.
Minimum character level of 10 to participate in this event.

2X Drop Special

EXTRA 2X Drop Events will be held specially on Wednesday from 1500hrs to 2000hrs!


Cassandra’s Giveaway 2 

Receive 1 X Owl of Minerva image from NPC Cassandra!

• Each character can only make the exchange once a day.
Minimum character level of 10 to participate in this event.

Quest Bonus 

30% Bonus Quest Completion EXP for the first 5 quests that you completed!

Party EXP Bonus

2X Party Bonus EXP for the WHOLE DAY!

2X EXP only applies for EXP given under Party Bonus.

Cassandra’s Giveaway3

Receive 1 X Moon Flower Hairpin image from NPC Cassandra!

• Moon Flower Hairpin is untradeable and validity is for 7 days!
• Moon Flower Hairpin stats: Weapon and Magic Attack +3, Speed +5, Jump +3
Minimum character level of 10 to participate in this event.

(oops the table stretched too far. :P)

Other events include:

  • [System Event] Fairy Tale Land Event! (Event Period: 24/03/2011 – 20/04/2011)
  • [System Event] April Fool’s Day Event! (Event Period: 23/03/2011 – 13/04/2011)
  • [Gachapon Event] Pink Bean’s Chocolates with Gachapon! (Event Period: 23/03/2011 – 20/04/2011)

For more info on these and other events. Click HERE.

Oh. Let’s welcome the pet Black Kitty to MapleSEA. 😀

Happy Mapling, ya’ll.