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GMS: Chaos coming soon!

29th June 2011



GMS: Chaos Patch Date Announced!

MapleStory ChaosChaosThe Big Bang came and we endured the brief return of the Black Mage. Then the Resistance came, heroes fought back and victories were won. We believed we were on the path to victory and declared a time of Jubilation!But the party’s over. Chaos is coming!Click on the timeline above for details!


Source: MapleStory Global

I’m going to assume that MSEA will get Chaos 6 months after GMS does which is in November. What do you think?


GMS: Chaos this Summer

In an interview last year was carried out to the Nexon group. One of the highlighted questions is as below.

Lastly, how do you top this update? What can players expect in 2011?

Looking ahead to 2011, we have some very exciting updates for MapleStory. Some new zones and Party Quests are scheduled for this spring as well as some exclusive new content to celebrate GlobalMapleStory‘s sixth anniversary. And this summer we are looking forward to bringing Chaos to the Maple World with even more class refinements and the long awaited addition of PvP. Of course, it’s too early to give dates or details, but Big Bang is by no means the last big addition to MapleStory.

Source:  MapleStory developer destroys the world, then this interview

I’m jealous. At this rate, we MSEAers wont be getting Chaos 6-9months after GMS which is in 2012 because Asiasoft (AS) just loves to launch patches during the holidays to “promote higher frequency of players”. Right. So i’m going to estimate that we (MSEAers) will only get the Chaos patch March 2012. 🙂 Thanks AS, you’re the best.

I mean if they REALLY want to increase the “frequency” of players in-game, launch the bloody patches or updates not in conjunction with the holidays. The kids will play regardless of when they release the patch and the adults would spend more NOT in conjunction with the school holidays. That way, the stream of frequency of players would be constant and the occasional hike during school holidays.

I may not be a marketer or a manager but from a consumers point of view, just launch the bloody patches instead of making us wait 6 months. For heavens sake.

That was me ranting.

On a different note, AS is trying to promote their @Key again.

Dear Maplers,

From 1st April 2011 to 30th April 2011, players can purchase ONE @Key device for a promotion price of 15,000 @Cash!

That’s not all, you will be able to purchase TWO @Key devices for a promotion price of 28,000 @Cash!

Free delivery worth 3,500 @Cash included as well!

Want to know more about @Key? Check out the details below!


I may purchase it next week just to see how effective and convenient this is. But the thought of “What if i lose my @Key device” wonders in my mind.

Happy Mapling guys.
Though theres not much to do in-game anyway.


GMS: Big Bang Class Audition Trailers

I stumbled across these videos while watching the MapleSEA ripoff of the GMS Big Bang trailer. Look at the title of the MapleSEA Big Bang trailer. Epic. Noone on earth would have searched for it. I smell laziness.

These “trailers” were created by GMS and i found them to be pretty entertaining.

Have a go and enjoy! 😀


Wild Hunter

Battle Mage


Christmas is here in MSEA!

Once again, it’s that time of the year where snowflakes and Santa come into mind and tassels and Christmas trees and decorations flood the malls of those in SEA.

Its Christmas!


I shan’t be listing out what has been updated as i’m busy packing my bags for my trip to Australia tomorrow. My trip will be from the 8th of December till the 24th of December. Yep, i’ll be missing most of the Christmas themed events in MapleSEA (as i do every year).


Christmas surprise event! Just like the Halloween Surprise event, there’s a christmas surprise event in store for everyone. Though, the items recieved will be limited to 30-days only. Take note. Here’s the LINK for details.

Here’s the full list of what’s going to happen in MapleSEA.

On a different note, on the 6th of December, a team of maplers in Aquila MSEA defeated Pink Bean.

Also, today marks the release of the Big Bang patch for GMSers.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday and

imageMerry Christmas!image

.Nisrockk =)