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Fastest, FREE-est way to get Level 30 Charm

Maplestory - Kinesis3


You heard it. Many have asked and here I deliver.

This is absolutely FREE without spending any money on Cash Equipments for charm but it just takes a few hours of your life a day. You’re already playing Maplestory. What’s a few hours of your day, eh?

MS - Charm level 30.1

Level 30 Charm
14,562 exp
10 days
1,500 Charm exp daily.


MS - smallBLUEsnail

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1 Day to Level 70 Guide

I did this with my Cannon Shooter not one week ago. I started around 7pm on a Thursday and with sleep dinner rest etc. etc., leveled to level 70 on Friday at 10pm.
This is how i did it.

Level 1-30: Complete ALL Cannon Shooter Quests until you kill King Clang

Level 30-36: Finish ALL Mushroom Kingdom Quests until you receive the medal

Level 36-50: Use Level-Up Potion, CD’s at Kerning Square and some Ludibrium PQ

Level 50-55: Drakes

Level55-63: Robo

Level 63-66: Zeta Grey

Level 66-70: Sand Rats

Item buffs used: The daily 1hour 1.5x coupons given by Maple Admin.

Level70-81: Use Level-Up Potion lol
And i stopped here because i only wanted the Link Skill from Cannon Shooters for my other characters.


xoxo Nisrockk