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[KMS] Level 200 Demon Slayer beats Cygnus Minions

I was just browsing the net while MSEA SG Gateway extends its Server Check yet again and …i guess this guy only defeated Cygnus minions because maybe Cygnus Empress in KMS is ALSO buggy. 😀

Remember. These minions have 50% and 60% PDR (Physical Defence Rate). So… figure out how much this Demon Slayer actually does. 😉 And i think somewhere in the video he shows his Attack Range which is about 200,000+.

PS: This was Pre-Justice (Pre-Nerf of Mercedes, Cannon Shooter & Demon Slayers)




Writer’s Block

I’ve no idea what to write about these days and perhaps i’ve been on a mini hiatus from Maple because of boredom. But I’m back now. Hopefully to serve you guys better than before.

Nothing much has happened in MSEA lately besides the LHC (Lion Heart Castle) or Von Leon Castle was released a few days ago. How to get there? From ElNath, take the Taxi (or walk) and go 4 maps up and you’ll see in the fourth map, there are two portals at the top, go for the left portal which has a sign saying, “To Lion Heart Castle”. And voila. 🙂

In KMS however, the release of the new warrior based class, the Demon Slayer was released. More on that HERE. It looks very much like a Battle Mage who uses Blunt Weapons and Axes.



(Lion Heart Castle)

There’s still some bugs a.k.a. the Bonus Party EXP did not work in the LHC. Although there was a server check today, i’m yet to find out if the Bonus Party EXP is working or not. Previously, the Bonus EXP was displayed at the bottom righthand corner of the screen saying that you’ve gained EXP but the EXP bar -once calculated, did not take into account that Bonus EXP thus only leaving you with the Mobs’ EXP and i think a little Party EXP. Seeing as how long it takes to kill one of these monsters in the LHC, a Bonus EXP should be in existent to compensate for the time taken to kill it.

I’ll find that out later.

Edit 6th Sept. 2011: LHC bug still around. Dont bother training at LHC for the moment.


My First Scarlion Solo :D


Yep. My first ever. It took me 1 hour with my Dual Blade post BBP. I’m kindda sad that I took that long but hey, I Solo’ed it! So i’m feeling pretty good about myself.

What i got was a [Skillbook] Spirit Claw 30, [Skillbook] Holy Shield 20, Scroll for Staff for Magic Att (60%), Scroll for Earring for INT (60%) and Scroll for Two-Handed Axe for Att (60%) and 4 Scarlion Helms (I let my friend loot it all, 1 of it was pot-ed. 2 liner.)

Nothing much has happened in MSEA lately. It’s been a pretty slow week with some server maintenances and pretty much nothing else except the usual hackers (no more lurking around) loitering around.

In KMS however, there’s a new Hero going to be released called (If you haven’t been informed)..

the Cannon Shooter.

Since it’s not in MSEA yet, i shall not type so much about it as i am still not sure which direction i want my blog to take. MSEA, GMS or KMS… But hey. If you wanna read more on the Cannon Shooter, you can do so HERE.

Lots of patches to come to MSEA, but it will be a while before we get them, knowing Asiasoft.


KMS: There’s a new pet in town

The Persian Cat

In KMS, certain bets can autobuff a mapler such as the Skunk and Scuba Duck. (Thats why in most KMS youtube videos, you see them with either Skunks or the Scuba Duck) but now the Persian Cat can also autobuff one skill!

The fish in its mouth is the pet accessory available in the Cash Shop.

Here are its animations:


Credits to Spadow for the Screenshots and Animations

KMS: The Chaos Patch

I’ll just get right to it.

The Chaos Patch in short is a patch after the Big Bang which includes:

  • Re-balance of all classes in terms of damage percentage and skill timers as well as cooldowns
  • PVP (Player vs. Player) Arena
  • New maps (Door to the Future) -same location as the Time Temple
  • Technological Age (Learn profession skills:  Jewel Crafting, Alchemy and Blacksmithing)

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