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MSEA: Patch V1.01 Hooray!

It’s finally here. After a month since the V1.00 patch (otherwise known as the filler patch), V1.01 is here with huge and exciting events!

Let’s kick it off with the essentials.

Hob King Party Quest!


The Resurrection of the Rex, the Hoblin King!

Rex, an ancient Hoblin King once that terror the Maple World, was sealed away in an icy tomb with the combined force of heroic maplers of the past in El Nath.
Rumor has it that the seal holding him is weakening, and it;s up to YOU, the brave one to stop him from being freed to terrorize our dear Maple World again!

Participate in this fun and rewarding party quest with an interesting storyline!

Look for Shammo in El Nath now!

Party Quest Requirements
• Level 75 or above to participate for this party quest.
• Must be in a party of 3 to 6.
• Party leader must completed Shammos’ prerequisite quests before they are allowed to start party quest.

List of Prerequisite Quests
Shammos’s Awakening (Level 60 and above)
Remnants of Memory (Level 60 and above)
Shammos’s Regained Memory (Level 65 and above)
Hoblin King (Level 65 and above)
Recollection (Level 65 and above)
Ominous Sign (Level 70 and above)
Confirming the Seal (Level 70 and above)
Sign of the Resurrection (Level 75 and above)
Robeira’s Proposal (Level 75 and above)

Bonus and Optional Quests
Evidence of the Seal (Level 75 and above)
Preparing for the Extreme (Level 75 and above)
Supplying Leather Clothes (Level 75 and above)
Hoblin Weapon (Level 75 and above)
Secret to Improving Concentration (Level 75 and above)
Arec’s Lost Dagger (Level 75 and above)

What are the possible rewards if I stop the resurrection of the Hoblin King?


You might be able to get a permanent Hyena Mount or one of Rex’s treasured earrings!

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A note from MapleSEA Forum Moderators

This was said by one of the Senior Moderators of MapleSEA forums, Variathas in response to the Big Bang Patch and why it’s taking so long.
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Hi guys, 

On behalf of the players, mods did check with the maple admins on the issue of having BBP (Big Bang Patch) asap for everyone.

Having BBP (Big Bang Patch) is not as easy as it seems as the patch preparation will take MUCH longer than a normal patch with events or a patch with new class, example Evan or Dual Blade.

A normal patch with events or new maps/new boss will take 4-8 weeks of preparation.
A patch with new class (including maps, boss, etc) will take 6-12 weeks of preparation.

BBP consist of: 

  • Overall change of most maps
  • Modify of all exsisting classes (adventurers, KOC, Aran, Evan, Dual Blade)
  • Modify of all mobs
  • Change of Interface
  • New Classes (Not only 1 class…well…you all should know how many are there)
  • New quests and maps

As you all know, BBP is the most complicated and the patch with the most changes EVER.
The Admins are unable to reveal how long the preparation will takes, but they are already working on it for some time. Right after DB patch.

Some of you may think MapleSEA can just port the data over from other services which already released BBP.
But in actual fact, each MapleStory service is unique in serveral or many ways which make it near to impossible to simply “Copy and Paste” BBP over.

The above stated points are only in-game contents and not including serveral technical problems like for example, OS compatibility issues which they are trying to solve as well. Like what one of you commented, its more of a global issue happening to other services as well.

Hope this will clear some doubts and please give the team that is working on MapleSEA BBP some moral support and some time to provide a BBP with the best satisfactory results to everyone. 

There you have it.

There’s no point in rushing because results would normally be under par if rushed. So just sit down, relax, and we shall wait for the Big Bang Patch to arrive, fully ready, fully complete so that we can all enjoy it without a glitch.

PS: I think you’ve noticed the theme change of my blog. I thought I’d change things up since the Gregorian Calander New Year and since Chinese New Year is approaching. How time flies. Hope you all like it. 🙂


The link of this information can be found HERE.

MapleSEA Patch V1.00

A new patch will be undergoing between 7am and 12pm on the 20th of January. Most of us maplers thought V1.00 would be HobPQ or the Enhancement scrolls but it’s another patch.

This patch fixes disconnection issues faced by maplers during boss fight due to memory leakage.

On another note, 3 events have been launched today.

The ‘Happy New Year Event’


This event can be activated by talking to the Maple Admin. She will ask you to collect the letters ‘HAPPYNEWYEAR’ and she will reward you with a Devil Scroll.


Look for Chunji (Kerning City) or Genie (Ludibrium) to exchange the Devil Scroll with a box. Then, to open the box, give Mr. Pickall a visit and he shall open the box and give you the treasures inside.


Dong Dong Chiang

It can be accessed by talking to an NPC called Yuan Bao Fo. You will have to pay 10,000 Mesos to enter. Once Dong Dong Chiang is defeated, Maple Equipments may drop from it.


GaGa Fireworks

A notification will be announced in the Chat saying that GaGa will shoot up fireworks soon.

You should head to Cassandra, and talk to her. She will transport you to the Moon where the event will be held.  In the map, aliens will spawn and you will have to kill them to obtain a Fairy’s Pendant Coupon.

This coupon, when exchanged with the bunny, will give you a Fairy’s Pendant which will last for 6 hours. You can only hold one of these coupons at one time. The aliens also drop scrolls and potions. I myself obtained a Scroll for Shoes for Jump 60% from this event.


More updates coming soon.



Christmas is here in MSEA!

Once again, it’s that time of the year where snowflakes and Santa come into mind and tassels and Christmas trees and decorations flood the malls of those in SEA.

Its Christmas!


I shan’t be listing out what has been updated as i’m busy packing my bags for my trip to Australia tomorrow. My trip will be from the 8th of December till the 24th of December. Yep, i’ll be missing most of the Christmas themed events in MapleSEA (as i do every year).


Christmas surprise event! Just like the Halloween Surprise event, there’s a christmas surprise event in store for everyone. Though, the items recieved will be limited to 30-days only. Take note. Here’s the LINK for details.

Here’s the full list of what’s going to happen in MapleSEA.

On a different note, on the 6th of December, a team of maplers in Aquila MSEA defeated Pink Bean.

Also, today marks the release of the Big Bang patch for GMSers.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday and

imageMerry Christmas!image

.Nisrockk =)

KMST: Reorganisation Patch

To think that Nexon had thought good and hard about the adjustments made to the jobs in Maplestory when they came up with Big Bang. But I guess they still need to tweak the skills due to their new damage calculator. I’m not going into much detail because this is KMST. T for Tespia which is a test server. Something we should not rely 100% on but it’s a good indication that there might be a patch for the Big Bang patch. How typical of Nexon.

What i dont like about this patch is how it affects Dual Blade in terms of one skill which is Sudden Raid which will be removed. I’m not sure if players who spend @Cash or NX on the Sudden Raid skill book will be compensated but for now, i suggest that all maplers do not spend @Cash or NX on Sudden Raid.

At first Nexon makes Dual Blade really attractive to well, attract players to spend real money on a character and 6 months later, they decide to weaken them slightly because they realised how imbalanced that character is. Then after another 3 months, they could decide to remove one of the skills completely from their skill list. It’s absurd, in my opinion.

But change is for the better. …i guess.
If you want a complete list of what skills were tweaked in KMST, click on the link below.

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