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MapleSea: Eastern China 2

MS - Shanghai Bund 1

So I was roaming around Maplestory, completing all the quests in Eastern China when I came across this item called Jade Pot. I didn’t manage to take a picture of it because it was so… random. But here is what happened…

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MapleSEA: Eastern China

MS-  china nanjinglu map

Well, lookie what we got here.

This is an exclusive CMS (China Maplestory) map which is called New Shanghai or Nanjing Lu which has been brought to MapleSEA for our enjoyment. This new map was released in CMS in October 2015. I’m pretty excited for this new map because of the many new quests, cool Questline as well as equipments.

Now for those who are anxious and impatient to explore the map yourself, during this 11-hour downtime, you may watch these videos I found online. (It is however is in Chinese. So to those who can read Chinese, good on you)


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[MSEA] What’s been up?

Item removals (both legit and duped). No warning. Ziltch.

Mapler’s feelings? F*cking frustrated.

On top of that, there are countless of bugs still yet to be addressed. What are the developers doing? Nothing. They just spew out events hoping we would close a blind eye and they wonder why the number of Maplers have been dwindling. You screw up our content, you screw up our patches, you increase the cost of many things (because we are “efficient”), you remove many rewards that we could obtain (because we are “efficient”), you make it almost impossible for non-funded to play at all! JUST BECAUSE?! We have been deemed “too efficient” even by the Korean developers themselves. Well screw you. We should be rewarded for our efficiency, not be punished.

Paladin 140

Enough ranting. This is why I stopped playing since my last post. So anywho… I’ve continued my Paladin and now I’m at level 140! Yay! 😀 It took me 26 levels to get my Advanced Combo basic book  which made training so much easier. Also, I’ve been training at Root Abyss (last room) since level 110. The EXP is amazing although my only buffs are Mercedes’ 10% EXP link skill (level 70) and Spirit Pendant’s 30% exp (2 hours and up).

OH another thing, I’ve been reading so much on whether to use 1H or 2H weapons and I’ve decided to use 2H sword because:

  1. It’s cheaper than 1H swords
  2. Scrolls are more accessible as compared to Blunt weapons (Maces)
  3. Looks cool when you’re hanging on a rope (BUT it covers my cute face :/)


MSEA is currently going through a downtime phase where Maplers just hang around, doing nothing much; waiting for the new patch to come. Traffic in MSEA is low except during weekends but the channels seem to be quarterly filled – most probably from the botters. Duped items still being sold and flaunted in the FM. I need friends on Maple. Ugh. Where for art thou?

PS: I’m a female blogger. Just thought I’d throw this one out there.
So if you’re playing MSEA and in the Aquila server, buddy me: QuiverQueen.

Till next time?
I hope it’s soon.

Here Returns the Hiatus-ing Hero

Maplestory - wow i see land

Guess who’s back?


Kind of went on a hiatus for a year since May 2012 to sort out stuff from my life… but I’m back!
I know you’ve missed me and I know I’ve probably lost a number of readers, but hopefully, something might incline you to come visit me again. 😀

Here are a few things I’m going to touch-up on in the coming week:

  1. Training Guide – making is concise and relate more current to what I’ve been doing lately
  2. Revamping Blog look – more clean and crisp (maybe)
  3. Update more on general things in MSEA – events, tips, tricks?

So I’ve moved from D/E/I to Aquila due to my friends leaving the game one by one and I’ve joined another friend of mine in Aquila. Let me tell you and trust me when I say, starting from scratch is no joke. Its tough!

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Happy 2012 the New Year!

~Welcome to my dead blog~

I’ve hit a rather big block of the writers block since the end of September. Or actually, a non-informed-non-specified hiatus from writing because I’ve no idea how to give the community a better approach to the game besides listing out the updates and etc. because you can find those on the main website and for KMS information, you can do so at other blogs.

Perhaps here, I’ll write stuff as the people for the people. So lets start it off with the cheap skillbooks debacle.

Yes. Thats right. Maple Warrior 30′s are out there in Delphinus/Eridanus/Izar (NOT sure of other servers) selling for less than 200m each before today’s server check. Apparently from rumours, the game patchers forgot to patch Channels 3 and 4 which led to some kindda loophole which allowed certain players who already know how to abuse the dupe system (duplicating an item tru certain means) and in this case, dupe the Mystery Mastery Books and thus the amount of skillbooks in D/E/I has increased substantially and the prices are also affordable for many people.

Good thing or Bad thing?

Good for the poor, Bad for the rich. The poor can now afford their skillbooks at a heavily discounted price where the rich who go for Boss runs are deemed obsolete because the skillbooks that they obtain from the Boss runs are so cheap, it may not be worth it at all.

Another item that has been duped is this:

The Rising Sun Equipment sets. The recipes. They are now abundant being sold by dupers -or as i’d like to call them, hackers, in the FM. They can only normally be obtained by opening the Mystery Recipe being sold for 10 Gallant Emblems in the Battle Square.  Maple going down? 🙂

Let’s see, what other updates are there… Ah yes. The Dragon Chairs.

Simply talk to Kinokonoko at the Mushroom Shrine and donate mesos to her to recieve multi-coloured pouches!


It’s said that the red ones are the ones that you’re aiming for which is when you donate about 40,000,001 mesos to her and your chances or recieving a Dragon Chair is well off. But to me, i think its random. The number of mesos people in MSEA are trying out mostly are:

10,000,001 meso
40,000,001 meso 

Good luck to you all! I might just be donating some myself.  (or buy at the FM which are now less than 200m each sold by individuals)

Happy New Year everyone. And HAIL THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON!

Cute and happy Chinese dragon Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration