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Dragon Onyx Horn and Reward


The last and final Evan Pre Patch Quest was released a few minutes ago; Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 7. Cassandra asks to find a Dragon Onyx Horn. Again, it is easily hunted from mobs in maple.

Here’s the details:

And this is what i recieved: πŸ™‚

Good Luck everyone!

[Edit: I already used 5 of my characters to complete the quests and i recieved 3 Gold Pendants, 1 Gold Mask and 1 Gold Wings]

Days till Evan:

Also, the Triple Trio Event ends today.


Onyx Dragon Scale and Footprint


I left my laptop on for 34 hours. I hope it doesn’t die on me. This is the effect on maplers who wish to fully utilise the Triple Trio Event such as yours truly. πŸ˜›

Onto more serious business. The 5th quest from Cassandra was released today; Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 5. She demanded for an Onyx Dragon Scale in order to make Dragon Equipments. She was also rather impatient about it.

Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 6. Onyx Dragon Footprint.
Darker in colour.

See how impatient she is?

More on Evan Pay-to-Play, Countdown and Vicious Hammer Glitch Report…

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Onyx Dragon Footprint and Evan

Today is the 30th Birthday of Pacman. Now i know most of you remember this classic game along with games such as Tetris and the more advanced Super Mario Bros. Let us marvel at how much gaming has evolved today. πŸ˜€

Back on track..

The 4th Quest from Cassandra, Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 4 requires you to find an Onyx Dragon Footprint.

Again, this Quest Item is easily found from any monster.
Make sure you take note that monsters from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Time Temple will not drop it.

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Adolescent Onyx Dragon Horn

Yet another quest from Cassandra popped up; Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 3. This time she’s asking for an Adolescent Onyx Dragon Horn.

This is exactly the same process as the past two quests which is it can be obtained from any monster except those in Time Temple, Singapore and Malaysia.

This time it took me about 5 minutes or more to hunt it.

Note: The rewards are all 660 EXP maybe because it’s a daily quest where at the end, you will recieve ONE of the Dragon Equipments.

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Onyx Dragon Footprint

The quest Searching for Remnants of the Dragon Master 2 was out today in MapleSEA. I returned to Cassandra and she asked me to find an Onyx Dragon Footprint somewhere in the Maple world.

Shortly after, i went to hunt somewhere close by and within 2 minutes, i found the Onyx Dragon Footprint.

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