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MSEA: Mechanic!

by Kaya-Snapdragon

Wow I’ve been so busy lately that i didn’t realise that Mechs were out yesterday evening. I hope everyone’s training hard. 😀 Anyway, i’m currently patching the game and its taking ages – Still at “Creating: Map”. I shall be patient. Though i cant fully experience it because tomorrow morning and probably afternoon and possibly night i’ll be out.

Listen to me ramble.


GMS: Chaos Patch Date Announced!

MapleStory ChaosChaosThe Big Bang came and we endured the brief return of the Black Mage. Then the Resistance came, heroes fought back and victories were won. We believed we were on the path to victory and declared a time of Jubilation!But the party’s over. Chaos is coming!Click on the timeline above for details!


Source: MapleStory Global

I’m going to assume that MSEA will get Chaos 6 months after GMS does which is in November. What do you think?


MapleSEA: GMZezaki speaks about BigBangPatch

Everyone in MapleSEA is anxious to when the Big Bang will be here.

Here’s what one of our own GMs, GMZezaki said when questioned by our maplers:

So, its evident that (if there are no more bug fixes) the next patch, V1.01 will be Hob PQ and V1.02 will indeed be the Big Bang Patch. When is still a mystery. Just wait, fellow maplers and be patient.

Happy Mapling.