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MSEA: Mechanic!

by Kaya-Snapdragon

Wow I’ve been so busy lately that i didn’t realise that Mechs were out yesterday evening. I hope everyone’s training hard. 😀 Anyway, i’m currently patching the game and its taking ages – Still at “Creating: Map”. I shall be patient. Though i cant fully experience it because tomorrow morning and probably afternoon and possibly night i’ll be out.

Listen to me ramble.



GMS: Chaos Patch Date Announced!

MapleStory ChaosChaosThe Big Bang came and we endured the brief return of the Black Mage. Then the Resistance came, heroes fought back and victories were won. We believed we were on the path to victory and declared a time of Jubilation!But the party’s over. Chaos is coming!Click on the timeline above for details!


Source: MapleStory Global

I’m going to assume that MSEA will get Chaos 6 months after GMS does which is in November. What do you think?


MapleSEA: GMZezaki speaks about BigBangPatch

Everyone in MapleSEA is anxious to when the Big Bang will be here.

Here’s what one of our own GMs, GMZezaki said when questioned by our maplers:

So, its evident that (if there are no more bug fixes) the next patch, V1.01 will be Hob PQ and V1.02 will indeed be the Big Bang Patch. When is still a mystery. Just wait, fellow maplers and be patient.

Happy Mapling.


A note from MapleSEA Forum Moderators

This was said by one of the Senior Moderators of MapleSEA forums, Variathas in response to the Big Bang Patch and why it’s taking so long.
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Hi guys, 

On behalf of the players, mods did check with the maple admins on the issue of having BBP (Big Bang Patch) asap for everyone.

Having BBP (Big Bang Patch) is not as easy as it seems as the patch preparation will take MUCH longer than a normal patch with events or a patch with new class, example Evan or Dual Blade.

A normal patch with events or new maps/new boss will take 4-8 weeks of preparation.
A patch with new class (including maps, boss, etc) will take 6-12 weeks of preparation.

BBP consist of: 

  • Overall change of most maps
  • Modify of all exsisting classes (adventurers, KOC, Aran, Evan, Dual Blade)
  • Modify of all mobs
  • Change of Interface
  • New Classes (Not only 1 class…well…you all should know how many are there)
  • New quests and maps

As you all know, BBP is the most complicated and the patch with the most changes EVER.
The Admins are unable to reveal how long the preparation will takes, but they are already working on it for some time. Right after DB patch.

Some of you may think MapleSEA can just port the data over from other services which already released BBP.
But in actual fact, each MapleStory service is unique in serveral or many ways which make it near to impossible to simply “Copy and Paste” BBP over.

The above stated points are only in-game contents and not including serveral technical problems like for example, OS compatibility issues which they are trying to solve as well. Like what one of you commented, its more of a global issue happening to other services as well.

Hope this will clear some doubts and please give the team that is working on MapleSEA BBP some moral support and some time to provide a BBP with the best satisfactory results to everyone. 

There you have it.

There’s no point in rushing because results would normally be under par if rushed. So just sit down, relax, and we shall wait for the Big Bang Patch to arrive, fully ready, fully complete so that we can all enjoy it without a glitch.

PS: I think you’ve noticed the theme change of my blog. I thought I’d change things up since the Gregorian Calander New Year and since Chinese New Year is approaching. How time flies. Hope you all like it. 🙂


The link of this information can be found HERE.

MapleSEA Patch V1.00

A new patch will be undergoing between 7am and 12pm on the 20th of January. Most of us maplers thought V1.00 would be HobPQ or the Enhancement scrolls but it’s another patch.

This patch fixes disconnection issues faced by maplers during boss fight due to memory leakage.

On another note, 3 events have been launched today.

The ‘Happy New Year Event’


This event can be activated by talking to the Maple Admin. She will ask you to collect the letters ‘HAPPYNEWYEAR’ and she will reward you with a Devil Scroll.


Look for Chunji (Kerning City) or Genie (Ludibrium) to exchange the Devil Scroll with a box. Then, to open the box, give Mr. Pickall a visit and he shall open the box and give you the treasures inside.


Dong Dong Chiang

It can be accessed by talking to an NPC called Yuan Bao Fo. You will have to pay 10,000 Mesos to enter. Once Dong Dong Chiang is defeated, Maple Equipments may drop from it.


GaGa Fireworks

A notification will be announced in the Chat saying that GaGa will shoot up fireworks soon.

You should head to Cassandra, and talk to her. She will transport you to the Moon where the event will be held.  In the map, aliens will spawn and you will have to kill them to obtain a Fairy’s Pendant Coupon.

This coupon, when exchanged with the bunny, will give you a Fairy’s Pendant which will last for 6 hours. You can only hold one of these coupons at one time. The aliens also drop scrolls and potions. I myself obtained a Scroll for Shoes for Jump 60% from this event.


More updates coming soon.