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Been busy with…

So I’ve been busy with..


Absolute Taste Event

Finally got my Legendary medal! Woohoo!

Been busy ranking up my Arcane Power too.


Yeah, I’m only at level 3. I kind of took a break from when this was released until now. Didn’t know how important it was. Whoops. Now, I’m doing the Dailies to get them power-ups!

I’m also still Daily Bossing. Since my damage isn’t that high… I’m only doing…


  • Zakum (Normal). (realised they buffed up Chaos Zakum. Wew. Haven’t yet solo’ed that)
  • Horned Tail (Normal & Chaos)
  • Magnus (Easy)
  • Hilla (Normal)
  • Pink Bean (Normal)
  • Root Abyss (Normal)


Mileage is good too! 😀 I’m on my way to some Storage Expansion slots or maybe I should get a pet. What do you think?



Trying to reach my personal 50 Medals goal. Then I’m going to aim for the stars, gonna try to hit 100 Medals!

Comment below to let me know what do YOU do on maple? 🙂




Random: Kung Fooled

A little humour goes a long way

A video called “Strangers, again” by WongFuProductions was suggested by a friend of mine. After watching that video, i allowed the playlist to continue and it played me this video. I haven’t laughed this hard in such a long time and thought i’d share it with everyone who has and who has not watched. 🙂

PS: Those who play Mortal Kombat 9 would laugh harder. 😉

Oh, yeah. I think you might have noticed some changes to my blog. I think this is one that i’m gonna stick with.