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Absolute Taste Event: The ENTIRE Guide

Absolute Taste Event

In MSEA from 27 Sept – 17 oct (20 days), you can earn yourself a really nice medal, if you complete this event!

Legendary Chef Medal

All Stats +13, WA/MA +8 and Boss Dmg 3%?! Who doesn’t want that?

Here’s a guide on the recipes for you to get it done ASAP.

Absolute Taste

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[Chaos] Jewels, Ores, Stimulators, Monster Crystals and Magic Powders

Hi guys. So i thought I’d post up whats worth keeping till after Chaos Patch (Which I predict will come in Nov or Dec)

Useful Etc.s after Chaos patch:

Mineral  Jewel  Crystal  Magic Powders

– Mineral, Jewel and Crystal ores/plates will still be useful
– Mineral, Jewel and Crystal which have been Enhanced (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) will be useless after Chaos Patch
– Magic Powders will still be needed to forge most weapons

Etc.s which will no longer be useful after Chaos patch:

Stimulator  Monster Crystals

– Stimulators will no longer be allowed to be used to make equipments
– Monster Crystals be deemed useless as they are replaced by a new Etc. called Item Crystals which can be obtained by Disassembling equipments

In the Future (Chaos Patch):


Recipes will be needed to create/forge high leveled equipments (Level 100+) and Potions
– Magic Powder can be obtainable when smelting Plates or when Hunting Monsters
– “The only way you can get ores and crystals is through Mining” – Spadow
– Requirement to smelt plates is lower. Eg. 2 steel ores for 1 steel plate.
– It’s easier to obtain ores Post-Chaos

Regarding Skill Updates, Changes, Improvements or Nerfs of Jobs post Chaos, click HERE.

Suggestion: Sell it all now. Create your equipments now. 🙂


Credits to: HS for images