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[MSEA] Chaos Patch in October!

The Chaos Patch information was leaked a week ago and is said to be launched in October and November on GX. It will be divided into 3 patches spanning over two months of patches and updates. Here’s whats coming your way:

19 October 2011: Return of the Hero

Lots of classes are getting their skills re-balanced in this patch and the Hero class is getting the same treatment as well(maybe this is what the patch is named after). For those who have theorycrafted stats like defence, accuracy and avoidability, all of that will be revamped too. So it’s time to research on new calculations. Conclusively, this major re-balancing of skills and combat calculations can only mean one thing: They are setting the stage for PvP.

  • Dual Blades, Arans and Evans get new Skills replacing some old ones
  • Mechanics get a debuff in terms of % damage formulas
  • All adventurers get slight changes in skill % damages
  • Skill changes can be found here: KMS Chaos Patch Skills
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KMST: Reorganisation Patch

To think that Nexon had thought good and hard about the adjustments made to the jobs in Maplestory when they came up with Big Bang. But I guess they still need to tweak the skills due to their new damage calculator. I’m not going into much detail because this is KMST. T for Tespia which is a test server. Something we should not rely 100% on but it’s a good indication that there might be a patch for the Big Bang patch. How typical of Nexon.

What i dont like about this patch is how it affects Dual Blade in terms of one skill which is Sudden Raid which will be removed. I’m not sure if players who spend @Cash or NX on the Sudden Raid skill book will be compensated but for now, i suggest that all maplers do not spend @Cash or NX on Sudden Raid.

At first Nexon makes Dual Blade really attractive to well, attract players to spend real money on a character and 6 months later, they decide to weaken them slightly because they realised how imbalanced that character is. Then after another 3 months, they could decide to remove one of the skills completely from their skill list. It’s absurd, in my opinion.

But change is for the better. …i guess.
If you want a complete list of what skills were tweaked in KMST, click on the link below.

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Dual Blade after the Big Bang Patch

Dual Blade intro.png

Okay. Most of you have heard and read of the release of Dual Blade in MapleSEA and the Big Bang Patch which was released in KMS and also will be released in GMS (by Christmas 2010). You must also have heard that Dual Blades will be nerfed terribly.

You begin to wonder, is this true?

Are they nerfed that badly?

Should i spend a lot of money buying the equipments before they’re out?

Is it worth it?

Are you going to listen to other people without reading my post?

Well i’m here to aid you in your decision. The Dual Blade skills which are nerfed are mostly for 1st and 2nd job skills where as 3rd and 4th job skills have been mostly boosted.

Read on to see which skills i’m talking about.

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