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Maplestory M: Gold Leaf Farming


This is how you farm Gold Leafs in Maplestory M to purchase those stones to rank up your weapon to Legendary.


First: By doing Daily Dungeons

  • Clear Elite Dungeon 1 time
  • Clear Daily Dungeon 1 time
  • Clear Mini Dungeon 1 time

Total Gold Leaf = 480 GL / 3,360 GL per week


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Maplestory M: A Mobile Leveling Guide

Hey ya’ll,

Happy Maplestory M’s
1 Month Anniversary!


Maplestory M Banner
Here’s my complete and personal guide to leveling/training.



Level 1 – 85

Quests. Quests. Quests. All the way. I kid you not, it’s this simple. Just quests. All. The. Way.


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Absolute Taste Event: The ENTIRE Guide

Absolute Taste Event

In MSEA from 27 Sept – 17 oct (20 days), you can earn yourself a really nice medal, if you complete this event!

Legendary Chef Medal

All Stats +13, WA/MA +8 and Boss Dmg 3%?! Who doesn’t want that?

Here’s a guide on the recipes for you to get it done ASAP.

Absolute Taste

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